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translating Data Information into engaging visuals


As part of the assignments at the SVA Interaction Design summer intensive program, I was asked to visualize a large, complex data set. For this project, I decided to explore the origins of obscure words found in the latest addition of New Scrabble Words Dictionary. There were about 800 new Scrabble words added in 2015, and my goal was to create an interesteing infograph out of these 800 entry points.


The dictionary categorizes new vocabulary in to 4 groups: 3-letter words, 4-letter words, 5-letter words and 6-or-more-letter words. Each word also has a different score depends what letters are included. For example, letter "E" is worth 1 point while letter "w" is worth 4 points. 


Synthesize Data

After collecting all the data from Google Trends, I imported them into excel to get a better understanding. What I need from this data set is the most popular regions/countries of a specific Scrabble word.

- The top three regions were being recorded. The first place gets 5 points, the second place gets 3 points and the first place gets 1 point. -

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