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A revolutionary mobility device that helps the aging community to regain confidence.


For the past year, ION design and engineering team and I have been working closely with startup Foray to develop the next mobility device called Spring. Our goal is to create a beautiful and functional device for people who have physical limitations but want to stay engaged and active. Traditional walkers are often viewed as a sign of disability because they are clunky and medical-looking. Spring aims to de-stigmatize mobility devices and create ease and comfort for end users.


Live Stronger, Safer and Better

Foray is not just a new mobility device, but it redefines what independence means for the aging community. We want to make sure that consumers are so proud of using Foray Spring, that they can’t wait to show it to their friends!

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My main roles in this project are to create beautiful visual elements (renderings, animations, graphics) for clients, assist the engineering team on building the alpha and beta prototypes as well as CAD development on storage seating and caster wheels.


Adjustable Handle Bar

The perfect handle. The perfect seatback. Greater control-with the touch of a button. The Foray handlebar has six different heights to accommodate to your unique needs.

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Collapsible Seating

Need to take a break? You can easily switch from walking to sitting by pulling the seat towards you. Don’t worry, the locking mechanism engages automatically, and disengages when you fold the seat away, so you can sit comfortably. 

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Fully Collapsible

What’s mobility if not the freedom to travel? Spring folds into less than half the size of alternatives with a fraction of the effort. A reduced footprint, lighter construction, and dramatically simplified mechanisms mean you can transform it into little more than a briefcase by your side.

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Additional Features

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Reverse Parking
Unlike traditional walkers, Foray Spring goes when you want it and stops when you don’t, without cables, handles or clunky mechanisms to worry about.

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Manual Parking System
Besides auto-activation of the parking brake when you open the seat, you can also manually push down the levers to activate “permanent” locking mode.

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Ergonomic Handle
Swooping curvature allows for infinite grip geometries, giving you greater control and ensuring you are able to find the most comfortable configuration.