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Healthy Snacking made easy

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Nuk Gerber Graduates 2-In-1 Healthy Snacker is currently the only snacker with a removable strainer that keeps wet snacks fresh and mush-free. The concept was came up by a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University to create healthier snacking habits for toddlers and young children. ION Design was approached by Nuk to redesign the product that is ready for the market.



Concept Exploration

I worked on this product under the supervision of a senior designer. During this phase, I explored several ways of attaching the lid to both the top and the bottom of the cup. The final “S” shape design creates a nice curvature that fits Nuk’s and Gerber’s brand identities, at the same time allowing the top diameter to be slightly bigger than the bottom so the tethered lid can snap both ways.