OXO Butter Dish Set


As one of my very first projects at ION Design, I assisted senior designers with several butter dish designs for OXO. The butter dishes come in 4 different kinds: plastic, metal, extra wide and ceramic. Through designing a seemly simple product, I learned a lot about production methods such as injection molding, over-molding and tolerance.


Butter Behaves Better =
No More Messes

The OXO Butter Dish is designed to keep butter from slipping off tray and dirtying lid, no matter what the size. Stoppers on either side of Dish keep butter in place while cutting allowing for clean slices.


Different Sizes of Butter?
No Problem!

A 4-ounce stick of butter can come in a long, lean stick (Eastern-pack) or a short, stout one (Western-pack). We made sure this Butter Dish would not only accommodate both sizes, but would also have measurement markings for each.

If you like to use bigger butter sticks such as Irish Butter, we offer OXO wide butter/cream cheese dish as well.


*OXO Butter Dish, Stainless Steel/Clear

* OXO Plastic/Clear Butter Dish, Exploded View

*OXO Wide Butter & Cream Cheese Dish, Stainless Steel/Clear

* OXO Ceramic Butter Dish, Exploded View