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Best Selling Butter Dish on Amazon

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As one of my first projects at ION Design, the OXO Butter Dish is smartly designed for convenience and ease-of-use with innovative “butter bumpers” that hold sticks of butter in place while cutting. 

There are two different sizes available: regular and wide. My role was to work with OXO and their manufacturers to create production-ready CAD files. It is currently the best selling butter dish on AMAZON.

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Butter Behaves Better

The OXO Butter Dish is designed to keep butter from slipping off tray and dirtying lid, no matter what the size. Stoppers on either side of Dish keep butter in place while cutting allowing for clean, hassle-free slices.


East Coast? West Coast?

Did you know that a 4-ounce stick of butter can come in a long stick (Eastern) or a short one (Western)? We made sure this Butter Dish would not only accommodate both sizes, but would also have measurement markings for each.

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Irish Butter needs love as well

The OXO Wide Butter Dish holds European-style wide sticks of butter, 8 oz cream cheese or two 4 oz sticks of butter. This is designed for you, Irish butter lovers!